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Beer Vs Wine Dinner at Tap and Mallet
Food should be fun and creative, making us mindful eaters while having new food experiences and creating new food memories. That's exactly what we get every time from Tap & Mallet's dinners. You can tell they have fun with their menus. We had a great time trying new combinations of things and pairing them with different beers and wines. We were asked to vote for the pairings that worked the best. Some combinations were amazing, some not so much and that's ok. Going with a group of people this time was also interesting. We talked about our individual pallets. With that said, anything negative that does occur is just our unique pallets trying to make sense of it all. Food, like art is subjective which is why we love it!

2 Goat Cheese Sushi rolls: Goat Cheese rolled around almonds, honey, and rosemary / rolled in raspberry gelait, cucumber, and wasabi pea dust.
Birra Moretti ? Lager (Italy) (Our Pick)
Oro de Castilla ? Verdejo (Spain) (Room Winner)

Thanks to Tap & Mallet, I'm a believer that goat cheese can be awesome when balanced with other interesting flavors. I disliked goat cheese until they introduced it to me with peppadews, balsamic reduction, and mint. They did it again with the Goat Cheese Sushi rolled with sweet/savory almonds. The second Goat Cheese Sushi with a raspberry gelait was not as successful for me because the flavors were too mild to compete with GOAT. The Sushi (especially the one with the ALMONDS) paired really well with both the beer and the wine (above). Mike and I voted for the Birra Moretti Lager because we thought the flavors were intensified when consumed together.

Frisee and Smoked Salmon Salad with bagel chip, red onion, and a lemon caper Prosecco sauce.
Weihenstephaner ? Kristallweissbier (Germany) (Room Winner)
Red Tail Ridge ? Dry Riesling (New York) (Our Pick)

This was a delicious salad. Smoked Salmon was very good with the bitter frisee and the crunch of the bagel chip. My only issue was that I couldn't taste the lemon caper prosecco sauce. Maybe the smoke, bitterness, or the red onion just overpowered the sauce or maybe it was just under-dressed, I don't know. I love capers and missed them. Both the beer and wine above were another great pairing and all was forgotten about the sauce when we took sips of both. When it came to voting, my pallet went with something crisp. The Red Tail Ridge Dry Riesling was very good and we will be shopping for some soon!

Lamb sausage with a saffron cauliflower sauce, basmati rice, and Swiss chard. (Curry?)
Shipyard ? XXXX IPA (Maine) (Our Pick and Room Winner)
Hadley ? Gewurztraminer (California)

We eat with our eyes first. Visually, this was a beautiful plate of food that did not disappoint the taste buds. If was fragrant and balanced. It had curry in the title but I don't think of it as a curry because it was so light which was a nice contrast to what you normally think of with main course flavors. I love curry but this was a lovely spin. It was a great pairing with the IPA which won this round.

Pistachio Crusted Scallop with tomato yogurt mint sauce.
Morland ? Old Speckled Hen (England)
Chasing Venus ? Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand) (Our Pick and Room Winner)

Mike and I were so excited by the idea of this course but out of everything we tried, this was our least favorite. Textures were nice but flavors were off ? all I remember were strong mint and fishy flavors that paired horribly with Old Speckled Hen, making the Sauvignon Blanc the winner. We need to try more scallops; we might just not like scallops.

Sorry no picture, I got distracted.

Truffle Duo ? rolled in stout soaked peanuts/ dried raspberries
Affligem ? Dubbel (Belgium) (Our Pick and Room Winner)
Quinta Noval ? Black Ruby Port (Portugal)

Quadruple YUM! Perfect ending! Chocolate went great with the Dubbel Belgium aroma/carbonation, especially with the nuttiness of the peanuts. Black Ruby Port was a new experience for me, the berry flavors were perfect with chocolate.

Again so distracted by CHOCOLATE that I snapped only my crumbs...

Looking forward to the next food journey at Tap & Mallet!
By Heather on April 13, 2011 at 7:37pm EDT Topic(s): beer wine pairing tap and mallet restaurants events

Mike The highlights for me were definitely the first and last course. I'm confident I could have eaten at least 30 of each of those morsels. :)

I love these events at Tap, and like Heather said, this one was especially fun because we went with a larger group.
4/13/2011 at 7:45pm EDT

Looks awesome. Especially the goat cheese sushi. If you guys want to try scallops more, get a side of speidino (sp?) If you ever go to Carrabba's. I know, it's a chain, but that's what made me love scallops. Also, there are really great local rieslings to try too. I like Dr. Franks. Wish I could have come, sounds like it was a great time!
4/13/2011 at 7:58pm EDT
Emma The goat cheese sushi looks amazing. Excited to read more posts! :)
7/25/2011 at 12:04pm EDT
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