Day Ten - July 31st
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Day Nine - July 30
"Most" of the sites are up...check them out! This is the last day to edit anything... (Rhys I'm hinting in your direction).

Vanessa's Site

Sam's Site

Andrew's Site

Eric's Site

Quinlan's Site

Zak's Site

Quinn's Site

Sarah's Site

Rhys' Site

Also check out this cool web comic I was telling Sam about the other day called The Secret Friend Society ? Salamander Dream & Jellaby Let me know what you think. I think they're beautifully done.

Today we get to do some fun and less structured stuff as a group!

A group story and group comic.

Thank you everyone for a wonderful workshop! Tomorrow our finished sites with our buttons (and everything else we did) will be on our last post for everyone to see on presentation day!
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Day Eight - July 29th
The interviews are great! Check them out!

Todays agenda:

1. Those who need to finish ANYTHING they want to put on their websites needs to finish this morning. I want to make our sites this afternoon.

Check list:

Is your story done and edited?
Is your Title banner and button done?
Is your Cover completed?
Is your comic and thank you cartoon finished?

Those who are done can write a "group" story that will be crazy but cool! Talk about this more in detail in class.

2. Check out CSS Zen Garden for professional website ideas. We are just leaning so ours will be quite simple but I just wanted to make sure you were all aware of this cool site in case you are interested in making your own websites in the future. The content on the site is gooblyguke but the design/color schemes are there as great website design examples. Click on the select a design to the right.

3. Make a website using dreamweaver's design mode. We will do the step by step, including saving all our graphics for web in one "site folder".
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Day Seven - July 28th
Space Ghost was the best talk show host ever. I miss him on cartoon network.

Lets see what we can do with our interviews today!


1. Film interviews

2. Thank you self-portrait cartoon.
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Day Six - July 27th
Hope you guys had a great weekend! Did you do anything fun? Post it...

I went to a concert and got soaked! The really wet comic is by the great Bill Waterson called Calvin and Hobbs.


1. We need to decide as a group how we want to do our interviews. We can do them individually, in pairs, in a larger group, as a talk show...etc Lets brainstorm together. We can use photobooth on the mac to film us or I can with my digital camera.

2. Other web graphics we need to make: At the bottom of our site we will make a 4 panel comic using photobooth and the comic filter of ourselves telling a joke or an interesting fact about our story or ourselves. Also we will do a completely computer generated cartoon of our-selves thanking people for visiting our site and reading our stories.
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Day Five - FRIDAY! July 24th
Can you tell a story with Cake? I'm pretty sure you can! I love the show Ace of Cakes on the Food Network. Check out Charm City Cake's cool edible art to the right.

Let us use photoshop today to make all the cool imagery for our site.

Photoshop demo:

Cover at New 8x10 72dpi

Title Banne: New 600 x 200 px 72dpi

Logo Button (viewers will click on from the blog to get to your site): New 100 x 150 px 72dpi

Lastly with fresh eyes and our friends help ? let?s edit those stories. Don?t rush this because it?s very important for your finished site.
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Day Four - July 23rd
Today Agenda:

1. Finish story writing and character illustration.

2. Proof read stories you wrote yesterday. It is important to have each other read the stories to help us catch any silly mistakes and also bounce ideas off of each other.

3. Design a Cover for your book using photoshop. I will do a photoshop demo. You guy are really doing great with this art program! I'm impressed!
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Day Three - July 22
Terrific mouse stories! Take a few minutes to read each story this morning.

There may be a couple bugs here and there, especially with the picture placement and word alignment. I'll try to fix them when we get Rhys?s Mice Wars up as well.

Andrew's Mouse Story

Eric's Mouse Story

Quinlan's Mouse Story

Quinn's Mouse Story

Samantha's Mouse Story

Sarah's Mouse Story

Vanessa's Mouse Story

Zachary's Mouse Story

Today's agenda:

Brainstorm you final theme for your main story that you're going to make your website about. It is up to you if you want to draw your character first or write your story first. The process is pretty much the same as the mouse story but now you are in charge.

Develop characters.

Write/edit story.
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Day Two - July 21st
Great start with our mouse character illustrations for our first story. I'm really impressed will all of your drawings. They're truly wonderful!

Agenda for today:

1. Lets learn about how to download and upload to the fetch ftp program.

2. Download your inked mouse from yesterday.

3. Lets use photoshop to add some color. Please watch demo carefully and then try on your own. Don't hesitate to raise your hand and ask questions.

4. Lets read together and discuss the worksheet ?The Story of Story Telling by Will Eisner. This will help us complete a successful first story about our mouse. (click on the comic above by Will Eisner ? he is a master storyteller)

5. Write your story using Microsoft Word and add your mouse illustration(s). Save and upload to fetch ftp.
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Welcome to "What's Your Story"

Today's Agenda:

1. Introductions

Check out my site to learn a little about me at

3. Go over workshop rules.

4. Check out our blog and make an account. Invite your friends to participate! Check out the finished story websites from the last session in the post below. Also we need to register and put in a fun avatar on our blog profile so a picture can be linked to your name. Pick something that tells us about your personality. Mine is a cockatiel because I had one for a pet named Duster that I loved very much.

5. Lets add some content to our blog: Favorite illustrated Story ? blog activity that will also introduce yourself.

6. Questions about the day? Swimming/Recreation, Lunch, pickup after lunch, anything else?

7. Importance of Brainstorming ? Topic Mice!

8. Mouse Drawing with short story.

9. Learn how to save and use ftp.

The video above is from National Geographic News. Proof that a story can come from anywhere.
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