This Was Just An Idea i Came Up With. The Castle: I Couldnt Find A Good One Of Peach's So i Chose That One Off Of Google.


The Africa Part Is So Much Randomer Than i Thought, After i Re-Read It. I Have No Idea Whatsoever Why i Chose Africa, It Was Just The Randomist Place i Could Think Of!


See How Theres "Mario" In That Picture? The Shoes Are Warios, Thats A Hint To All Readers


Remember The Broken Background? Notice How Peach Nows Hes Wario? And WHY OH WHY IS BOWSER A MIDGET?!? WHYYYY


The Police Car: i Couldnt Find An Open Door'd One On Google But i Found This And Laughed At The Idea Of The Fake Mario In A 5 Year Old's Drawing Of A Police Car


The Colour Change Shows That He Died And Theres No Blood Pumping Through His Veins, And Also It Shows That Hes Pale And Scared

Artist Name: Ryan Black
Title of Comic: The Most Randomist Comic EVER
Date Completed: July 19 2007

Describe your story and characters: I Have In My Comic; Mario, Peach, Luigi, Bowser, Wario, And Something You Shall See In The End Of The Comic.

How did you come up with this idea?  I Love The Old Sprites So I Decided To Use That Idea.

What are you trying to communicate to your readers? : The Comic Doesn’t Say Much To The Readers But I Have To Say That These Web Comics Are Fun To Make And Fun To Read. I Hope You’ll Enjoy My Comic!


Does your comic evoke a certain feeling?  Its Supposed To Be Funny So, Laughter? Is That A Feeling?


What materials & techniques did you use to make your comic? : I Used Google, Some Drawing I Found On Google, The Images Came From Google, And That’s It


Is this a successful comic?  Is there anything you would change or improve? :   Not At All. I’m Proud Of It Not Only Because I Think I Did It Correctly But Because Its My First


What did you enjoy learning the most about the process of making your comic? : Probably Learning Photoshop, It’s a Great Program That I’ll Never Afford -Smiles-


Other comments about your creative process:   
I Made This At The “Web Comics” Class At RIT And We Were Taught The Basics Of Photoshop And We Were Shown How To Make The Comics.


Dear Readers, I Hope Youve Enjoyed This Random Comic Made By Me.

Questions Or Comments? Email Me At