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New Meaning from Local Yums
What's for breakfast?

What's for lunch?

What's for dinner?

I love good food! Who doesn't? Pale and I just went to the Rochester Public Market and bought some beautiful local produce. We bought organic green beans from a little boy so cute that it just made the whole trip more meaningful. It felt strange at first, throwing cash and coins in every direction, but now we have blueberry, raspberry, and HUGE blackberry gems in my fridge and golden apricots, tiny tart yellow plums, and juicy tomatoes on the counter. We are definitely going back!

I just finished Harvest for Hope by Jane Goodall and I can't seem to get her "eat local" and "do you best to take care of this earth" messages out of my head. We also recycled computers and other junk at the Seneca Park Zoo rally in Rochester this weekend. It's part of my nature to reuse or maybe it's because I'm frugal, but I see art in trash sometimes. These pans were destined for the garbage but remade into soul-searching art.

That's why I'm posting these pieces. I looked at them yesterday and smiled. They mean something totally different to me now than when I made them in 2004, which had somewhat of a negative subject. The titles were supposed to act as a nag because sometimes ones ego can suck all the fun out of food, something my family still struggles with while juggling hectic lives. But food can be fun if you can let go of your expectations and really savor simple flavors.

I look at these differently now and they proudly hang in my kitchen, reminding to have fun! I giggle at the surrealism because it's less serious now. I know now if I mess up and make something dreadful... it's ok, no need to go coo coo! Furthermore, I don't always have the time to paint but I can get my creative fix by cooking.
Topic(s): oil painting recycled food 2004
By Heather on August 10, 2008 at 4:59pm EDT Add Comment

Wedding Gift
This oil painting was a wedding gift to wonderful friends during the Summer of 2004. It was actually the first self-guided painting I did after college. I love that it's a diptych (relationship of two-get it :P) showing the life of leopards - night/day - on one canvas. They love animals, so I felt very comfortable with the subject. I actually learned a lot about the pattern of leopard spots! I also have great memories of working outside on this, not in Africa silly, using photos for references and of course my imagination to put them together in an interesting composition. I decided on the time of day for each and the little details, such as the moon and the moth.

I don't really have a title for this. I mean I could come up with something but everything sounds dorky, so maybe the owners can decide on one. I do know that this painting makes me feel warm on this cold January day, thinking of the sub-Sahara and wonderful friends now family!
Topic(s): painting oil painting 2004
By Heather on January 23, 2008 at 8:22am EST Add/View Comments (6)

This oil painting on burlap was completed in March 2004. As in most of my work, it's about exploring connections to nature. This painting is about providing survival, though shelter and nourishment. These 'simple' needs can be dissected in so many ways.

Burlap was a great textural ground to paint on. There are actual small holes in this painting that contributes to the meaning. Writing this, reminds me how enjoyable it was to experiment on this unusual ground. It's one my goals to do a series on burlap.

Topic(s): oil painting burlap 2004
By Heather on January 22, 2008 at 9:40am EST Add/View Comments (6)
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