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Technology Challenge
I'm a "technology challenge" winner!

As an art teacher at McQuaid, I was quite excited about a technology challenge hosted by the technology department in which the best faculty websites were promoted and voted on by the school. I showcase a lot of student artwork on my site and have been trying out a student blog in my digital art class, so I was eager about this opportunity. The top 5 websites won a tech gadget of their choosing and I chose a Kindle. Thank you McQuaid!

I've been intrigued by Amazon's Kindle because books get zapped into your hands pretty instantaneously! What book should I get first? I'm thinking something related to spring! I've got major gardening on the brain!

Check out my art classes' websites:
Mrs. Brosman's McQuaid Site
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By Heather on February 28, 2010 at 8:12pm EST Add/View Comments (2)

Busy Busy
So it's been awhile, I know, but I have good excuses. This summer has been the busiest summer ever! I got married in June, went to Yellowstone for the honeymoon, taught What's Your Story at RIT's Kids on Campus in July, and am now in the process of buying our first house. I'm also trying to get motivated to plan for the upcoming school year where I will be teaching a new class called Digital Art.

This is all very exciting stuff but it left me little time to work on my art. I've been craving creativity and I'm dreaming of my new studio space!

There are a couple of mini-projects that I want to share:

- I made my wedding bouquet and my husband's boutonniere out of hens and chickens. I kept the roots intact and then transplanted them into a pot the day after the wedding. I can't wait to plant them in my new garden! Hens and chicks were also the little gifts we gave to family and friends.

- Yellowstone's landscapes were amazing. We took so many great pictures.

- I entered a back-to-school-inspired-centerpiece contest for the EveryDay with Rachael Ray Magazine and I won! Above is the photo I entered and below is what was published. Check it out in the September issue.
Topic(s): 2009 craft contest photography workshop
By Heather on August 13, 2009 at 1:54pm EDT Add/View Comments (1)
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