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Studio Art - Historical Figure Sculptures
I like to end the year with this sculpture lesson because kids love learning clay techniques. With end-of-the-year excitement, I can always reel them in with this one. Since some of my Studio Art students have never worked with clay before, we start with basic hand building techniques like pinch pots, coils, and slabs. After the students build confidence from playing with the clay, they brainstorm, sketch, and then sculpt a historical figure.

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By Heather on November 15, 2011 at 11:02am EST Add Comment

Studio Art - Wire Self-Portraits

After teaching the proportions of the human face, students practice drawing themselves. Then students transform those drawings into expressionistic wire sculptures. I love the way these look with the cast shadows. This is a nice project that introduces working three dimensionally with just line.
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Look What I Found!
Creature Discovery

My 8th graders created small creature sculptures from an explorer, scientist, or an environmentalist point of view. This 3D sculpey project is introduced at the emergence of spring. The class share lots of stories about childhood fascination with frogs, tadpoles, turtles, crayfish, fireflies, etc. That wonderful curiosity should be remembered and harnessed.

Sometimes we create an environment inside a recycled container and write stories about this new discovery. The end product is heavy in Science and English concepts that strengthen the artist's message. We have so much fun with this project!

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Scholastic Art Awards 2010
Good news, two of my art students won Gold Keys from the Scholastic Art Awards this year. This is really exciting because out of 165,000 works submitted, only 693 from the Region-at-Large earned Gold Key recognition.

The art work on the right is from an 11th grader in my Digital Art class. It was made by taking digital photographs of his home from different angles and using Photoshop and a "Tilt Shift Maker" to apply an interesting effect that makes certain aspects look tiny. I really like how the three pieces turned out as a series. This piece went also went to the National Exhibition in NYC. The highest honor that Scholastic's gives. Very exciting!

The one piece below is by an 8th grader in one of my middle school classes. This project is the same as the Chuck Close Inspired Fingerprint Project that I've posted before, except that this year I changed things up a bit by having them use a different medium to create the texture (black prisma-color pencil sticks).
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By Heather on March 5, 2010 at 2:29pm EST Add/View Comments (5)

Technology Challenge
I'm a "technology challenge" winner!

As an art teacher at McQuaid, I was quite excited about a technology challenge hosted by the technology department in which the best faculty websites were promoted and voted on by the school. I showcase a lot of student artwork on my site and have been trying out a student blog in my digital art class, so I was eager about this opportunity. The top 5 websites won a tech gadget of their choosing and I chose a Kindle. Thank you McQuaid!

I've been intrigued by Amazon's Kindle because books get zapped into your hands pretty instantaneously! What book should I get first? I'm thinking something related to spring! I've got major gardening on the brain!

Check out my art classes' websites:
Mrs. Brosman's McQuaid Site
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By Heather on February 28, 2010 at 8:12pm EST Add/View Comments (2)
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