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Artist Book - Inside and Out
This artist book is a reflection about my passion as an artist and educator. It's called "Inside and Out" because it's about taking little steps back from what I'm simply composed of. I made each page with different mediums to emphasize my interest in experimenting with them and also the fact that I'm not afraid to take risks by being a life long learner to the arts.

Let me explain how some of this was made:
Top Right Cover:
Actual intaglio copper plate with a green patina. (right beat)

First Page: intaglio heart print (right plate)
Watercolor red/white blood cells
Oil Paint blood
Intaglio heart beat (left plate)
Charcoal bones (hands which are extremely important to an artist)
Computer art muscles (photoshop)
Intaglio heart beat (left plate)
Pen & Ink on vellum skin (two layers)
Colored Pencil nude
Intaglio heart beat (right plate)
Fabric from clothing worn in next page
Digital photo with color manipulation: self-portrait (photoshop)
Intaglio heart beat rendered with colored pencil (left plate)
Intaglio door print
Intaglio map print with watercolor enhancement
Intaglio heart beat (left plate)
Computer art world with media text (photoshop)
Intaglio heart beat (right plate with light red ink)
Intaglio heart beat (right plate with red ink)
Last Page: actual intaglio copper plate with green patina (left beat)

There is much repetition in this book. The mosquito intaglio print that buzzes throughout - I grew up with annoying mosquitoes and the fact that they're after my blood intrigued me for this book because of the subject matter - me and what makes up myself and how that could be shared artistically. Of course there is the rhythm of my heart and how the alternating plates visually represent the sound. Page after page there is a return to this life force.

I hope you enjoy this reflection and maybe be inspired to look at your own life, in small steps, inside and out.
Topic(s): artist book mixed media education 2005
By Heather on April 5, 2008 at 11:56am EDT Add Comment

I love printmaking, mainly because it's all about process for me. It is also very enjoyable to teach because of the important sequence of steps involved, no matter what type of printmaking you're working on. I have experience with relief (linoleum-block), serigraphy (silk-screen), and intaglio (etched metal). Sharing editions is another wonderful thing about printmaking. If you're interested in any of these let me know.

Top Right: Family (silk screen), 2004

Tea for Two (silk screen), 2004

Experimental Knot, states 1-5 (intaglio), 2005

Experimental Tape, states 1-4 (intaglio), 2005

Summer Friend, (intaglio chin-colle), 2005

Pause, (linoleum block), 2006

Topic(s): printmaking 2004 2005 2006
By Heather on April 2, 2008 at 8:18pm EDT Add/View Comments (2)
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