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Bug Collection
I think we've all, as children, caught fireflies or a caterpillar out of fascination. We place some grass clippings, leaves, and branches in our pickle jar believing we created an ideal environment for our creature. I even caught tadpoles and watched them change into frogs. Unfortunately, our experiments do not always work out but it's a learning experience no less. This mixed media "Bug Collection" (2003) preceded "Entrapment" and repeats the idea of catching/keeping something fascinating while having the heart to let it go, knowing that the atmosphere you made may not have been suitable. This theme can also translate to our own human experiences as well, to ensure growth.

The materials used to make this piece include: acrylic and oil paint, paper, crackle medium, dirt, and organic matter. Each bug is contained in two ways, the old canning jar and the paper circle, except the escaped firefly.

For some reason, I have always been captivated by jars. I know it seems silly, but I find them beautiful...old and new jars, colored and clear, from sauce to jellies and the history of canning to preserve our gardens. The jars are a good way to create symbolism in my work and it causes me to constantly wash and store different jars, especially if they have interesting shapes. It pains me to think about them sitting in a landfill, so even if I don't keep them, I make sure to recycle them. Hopefully, I'll explore this avenue again someday and use some of them I've collected!
Topic(s): mixed media painting 2003
By Heather on March 8, 2008 at 6:07pm EST Add Comment

The Choice Between
The Choice Between is a diptych that parallels human choices and the consequences of them. In 2003, I created a somewhat abstract juxtaposition of sickness and health in oil paint. It's about having a choice and the fact that options are presented to us daily. I used microscopic images of tarred lungs and blood cells as inspiration. I find this painting to be a reality because it's not always easy to make the right decision when society provides so many unhealthy and deceptive choices. This duality can extend itself to so many facets of life.
Topic(s): oil painting painting 2003 diptych
By Heather on February 5, 2008 at 11:36am EST Add/View Comments (4)
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