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LocoRoco - Play It
I recently became the proud owner of a shiny new PSP. I wanted one for several reasons, but it mostly came down to the Square games on the horizon and the cool remote play features of the PS3, which I already own. One of the first games I received was Loco Roco, the strange puzzle/platform game that has a similar aesthetic to most weekday morning kids' shows. While the core gameplay differs significantly from Katamari Damacy, it is the best comparison I can draw. The soundtrack and pure charm of the characters is of the same level.

As far as gameplay goes, it often feels like you are playing pinball without the aid of the flippers. You use the L and R buttons to tilt and smack the world in order to get little blobs from the start to the finish. I personally thought this mechanic was a bit confusing and hard to get used to. Strangely, when Second Ave's resident second grader got her hands on my PSP, she had absolutely no issues figuring it out and actually yelled at me to stop explaining it and just let her play. After having finished all of the levels, the odd controls make more sense to me. I would have had no fun at all if I had direct control over the little guys. The passive controls really added to the experience. You are never quite sure how the LocoRoco are going to react and it is incredibly satisfying when you manage to get them up to a seemingly unreachable part of the stage.

As I alluded to though, LocoRoco is not about the gameplay. It's about the experience. The music is a treat, and each of the different colored LocoRoco has their own unique voice. You'll want headphones to play this one. There is also a good chunk of content for a portable game. The main game will take you 5-7 hours to play through once, but you surely won't achieve perfect ratings or great times. The game keeps track of these things and rewards you for going back and pulling off better scores. Rewards include unlocking three mini games and receiving parts for your Loco House, which is essentially a little sandbox for you to mess around with the engine. I plan on going back to the game quite a bit, which is exactly what you want a game like this go accomplish. It's a solid package that is entertaining enough to continue playing after you've seen everything. Play this game.

Note: All of the screens below were taken by myself with the screenshot feature in the game.
By Mike on February 4, 2008 at 3:45pm EST Topic(s): locoroco sony computer entertainment play it? psp games


Some of the music I really like and some I truly don't. I think some aspects are meant to be annoying though. I do know that I need to give this game another chance because I like the art.
2/5/2008 at 11:49am EST
Mike You should! :) I'll be interested to see how long it can hold your interest for. :)
2/5/2008 at 12:19pm EST


2/6/2008 at 9:27pm EST
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