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Happy New Year!
It's 2013! That means we've been messing around with this blog for two years! We're excited to move into the new year continuing to enjoy great food and pursuing a healthier lifestyle. As posted earlier we're trying out a gluten-free diet for virtually the entire month of January. I hope it will lead to us finding a great balance that will make us both healthier. That said, we couldn't pass up a beer event at Tap and Mallet on New Years Eve. In case you didn't know, beer is not gluten free. A vintage beer social at our favorite pub was the perfect last hurrah before going into a beerless January.

I knew we had family coming to town for the holidays so I had been searching for a good event for the New Year. Most in the area are significantly expensive, so walking in with a group of seven doesn't really work. I was happy when Tap announced a beer social. $18 a person for a great beer sampling and pay-to-play food from their regular menu is hard to pass up. They were even kind enough to give me a reservation, guaranteeing us a table!

The beer list was pretty great. If there was one downside it was the fact that Heather and I had tried six of the seven beers before. That isn't much of a downside though, as we love virtually all of them. The list was:

Are you jealous that you weren't there? So many great beers! It was awesome to have Spruce Spring Stein again. We first had it at the Ellicottville beer social at Tap and Mallet some months ago. When Tap's manager gave us the beer then, he expressed how excited he was to try it and I suspect that is why a keg was held onto for this event. It was also really cool to try World Wide Stout again. The last time we had it was a few years ago now when we were just getting into good beer (and it was still easy to find). At that time, we hated it. It was much easier to drink this time around and that is probably because the age mellows the boozy qualities of it.

The last beer of the night was extra special for me. Delirium Noel is the beer that gave me the desire to learn about and enjoy craft beer. (You can read the story in this post.) The meal I had with that first Delirium Noel featured some Baltimore crab cakes. As if by fate, Tap's primary New Years special was a prime rib and crab cake combo. Funnily enough, I ordered it before I even made the personal connection.

We hope you all have a great, healthy, and explorative new year! If you haven't gone to a special event at Tap and Mallet, you really need to. We always have fun.
By Mike on January 9, 2013 at 4:42pm EST Topic(s): beer holidays tap and mallet events restaurants

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