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New Restaurant - Edibles
October 26th is our dating anniversary (yes, we still celebrate) so we decided to dedicate our October New Restaurant post to that. One Rochester restaurant that we have been meaning to check out is Edibles.

Edibles is on University Ave right near the Memorial Art Gallery. It's in an old building and from what I could tell it only features street parking. Thankfully, we didn't have a hard time finding a space when we arrived at around 6pm on a Friday. Outside the front of the restaurant was a nice outdoor seating area. Trees were lit up with Christmas lights and it all looked really inviting at dusk. Sadly, it wasn't even 50 degrees that day so that wasn't an option.

As we entered we were greeted by a somewhat cramped bar area. There were some customers sitting around and chatting in the lounge-like atmosphere. We were greeted by a hostess and even though we were about 20 minutes early for our reservation, she sat us right away. The dining area was separated from the bar and lounge area by a beautiful brick wall and the hardwood floors gave the restaurant a lot of charm. We were given a nice small table for two against a wall.

As I was sitting, I noticed this strange musty smell in the room. It wasn't really all that appetizing. Heather joked that it was possible I was smelling an older diner's perfume. Who knows, but I had a hard time shaking the smell for the entire evening.

After sitting we were greeted fairly promptly by our server. Heather and I both wanted to get a beer to unwind. Their list featured a small selection of good craft options. I went with a Brooklyn East India Pale Ale and Heather got a stout (I forget the brewery). I was very happy for the selection but the serving size seemed small. I assumed they were pouring these out of bottles but our glasses seemed to be significantly smaller than 12 ounces. I could be crazy though.

It took us a bit to choose our entrees. We had to ask our server for more time once. The menu is definitely seafood focused and that inspired me to get the applewood bacon wrapped scallops. Heather went the seafood direction as well and went with the crab cake salad. To start things out though, we were drawn to the truffle tots.

The tots came out fast. Described as being "tossed in porcini dust and truffle oil" at first glance they looked like nothing more than your standard frozen tator tots. A bite revealed some interesting flavors though and a nice peppery bite. I ended up preferring to eat them plain as opposed to dipping them in the chipotle aioli that came with them. While the spicy dipping sauce was good, it overpowered the other flavors and really made them taste like standard tots.

When our meals came out, some oddities started to come to light with our server. He placed our entree plates in front of us but neglected to clear away the plate from our tots or offer us more to drink. Our table was quite small so it kind of stood out as being strange, but all of the plates were still able to fit.

My scallop dish was very good. The scallops themselves had a good texture and the bacon was nice. Surprisingly, this was the first time I've actually had bacon wrapped scallops. If I could change one thing it would be the texture of the bacon. It wasn't quite as crisp as I would have liked. What really brought the meal home for me though was the couscous side dish. It was really earthy and pleasant. There was also a mustard-like sauce on the plate that I loved. I could have used some more of it.

Heather's salad was interesting. She enjoyed the crab cakes. I was curious to see how they would sauce the cakes and while they included a little dollop of sauce on top, they seemed to rely mostly on the citrus dressing of the entire salad. A crab cake salad is something neither of us had really seen before and it looked fun to eat. I think in the end the only thing that she found a little strange was that the quantity of wilted spinach. She loves spinach but there was a lot of it.

As we both finished our entrees we started discussing whether or not we should order a dessert. After deciding that we definitely wanted to check out the menu, the service took a turn for the worse. Our table was now completely covered in empty plates. Our two entree plates, the basket of bread, the two small plates that came with the bread, and our tator tot plate were all still on the table. We looked finished so we sat back and waited for our server to come and offer a dessert menu...

We've never experienced this awkward waiting at a restaurant before. What started out as a bit funny and odd, quickly became annoying. We were able to keep our spirits high but I couldn't resist regularly checking the time. Heather had a pretty good view of the dining room, so she watched our server attend to his other tables, "look busy" by the register, and then disappear out of site without even glancing at our table. From the moment we took our last bites of food to when we were finally saved was around 25 minutes. The person that saved us wasn't even the server for our table! She just recognized that we had been there for a while and decided to step in and help!

We were polite and very thankful and told her we were still interested in checking out the dessert menu. She cleared every plate from the table in one trip and quickly returned with our dessert options. She mentioned that our original server would be over when we were ready to order. After some deliberation, we decided on a nut tart with ice cream. Our rescuer actually returned to fill up our water before we saw our original server again and she took our order. Shortly after that our original server stopped by and coldly threw a couple of forks on the table without a word. When our dessert came out of the kitchen, we actually witnessed our rescuer handing it to our original server and telling him to take it out to us. Other than being a little hard to cut into, the dessert was really good. We were especially happy with the simple vanilla ice cream. It had great flavor.

At this point all that was left to do was pay our bill and sadly this didn't even go smoothly. It was brought out to us quickly but we waited overly long for our credit card to be picked up. It was actually the hostess who noticed it sitting there and grabbed it for us. We ended up leaving a relatively pitiful tip on the bill and walking a larger tip over to the server who rescued us. It is quite sad to have some of the worst service we've ever experienced hamper what could have been a pleasant evening.

As we were driving home we were really trying to figure out what could have caused it. Is it because we got there a bit early for our reservation? That we asked him to come back in a bit because we weren't ready to order right away? Did he overhear me commenting about the strange odor in the room? Did our photography tick him off? Is it possible that our table was just a pain in the butt to navigate too? Was he new? Who knows...

You just read one of Upstate Crumbs' monthly New Restaurant posts. Each month, Mike and Heather will make it a point to eat at a restaurant they have never eaten at before and post about it. Want to follow us on the local journey? Check out our Foursquare List
By Mike on November 3, 2012 at 2:40pm EDT Topic(s): restaurants new restaurants edibles rochester scallops crab cakes

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