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Heather's Recipe, Sept. 2012 - Eggplant
Eggplant and Goat-Cheese Sandwiches with Tomato Tarragon Sauce

I decided for my September recipe I would make something special using the beautiful eggplant from our garden and inspiration from my new addiction, Pinterest.

When I saw this on my feed, I knew I had to to make this twist on eggplant parm with intriguing flavors of tarragon and goat cheese. I pretty much followed the recipe except for the addition of the yellow squash, also from the garden. The recipe was different but not overloaded with ingredients, which I appreciated.

I fried the eggplant after dipping them in egg and then panko/parm. They got transferred to a sheet pan and half of them got dolloped with a roasted pepper goat cheese. The top half was sandwiched and then they were baked in a 350 degree oven to melt the cheese and to continue softening the eggplant for about 20 mins. The oven step could probably be skipped if you cut the eggplant thinner. I wanted to use the same pan for my sauce so keeping them in the oven was ideal so they were hot when I was ready. I love panko though because it stays crisp. I also love that they have whole wheat varieties, which I always use.

Making your own sauce is so satisfying. I only wished I had enough large tomatoes from the garden, but using Wegman's San Marzano canned tomatoes was delicious. I've never used San Marzano before. They tend to be pricey because they are grown in Italy but for a special sauce, I would definitely buy them again. The sauce was easy. After wiping out the pan, it was ready for the onions and yellow squash to be softened. Then I pureed the tomatoes with my immersion blender and added it to the pan with tarragon, salt, and sugar. The tarragon gave it a interesting floral note, not an intense anise flavor that I thought I might get. It may of been different though because I could only find dried, but I liked it nonetheless. The sauce was reduced for 25 minutes.

The finished dish came out great. The leftover sauce was used in a bolognese for pasta the next day and was really yummy too. Pinterest is such a great place to get ideas and I'm glad I discovered this recipe.

You just read one of Upstate Crumbs' monthly New Recipe posts. Every month, Mike and Heather will each make a post about a new recipe. For Mike, it will usually be an adventure in trying to learn to cook. For Heather, she'll pick something that is outside of her comfort zone in some way.
By Heather on September 30, 2012 at 11:40am EDT Topic(s): new recipes home cooking food sites eggplant goat cheese pinterest products

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