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New Restaurant - Tap and Table
A day planned of yard construction and home cooking with the in-laws changed to video games and dinner out because of rain. I didn't mind. The garden needed it and maybe we did too!

We decided to go to Tap and Table after reading tweets about Sunday special family-style dinners. Comfort food on a rainy relaxing day sounded wonderful! Tap and Table is a new restaurant opened by our favorite Tap and Mallet just this summer. We were very excited to try something new from them.

We've never been to Corn Hill, even though we drive by it on the Douglass-Anthony Bridge all the time. The area is beautiful! When we arrived, we were seated in a quiet corner facing large windows looking out at the Genesee River. We quickly ordered the family style dinner of Meatloaf, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and spicy Squash Medley at $15 a person.

We were a little confused about drinks because one of their tweets stated that beer was included but since the waitress never offered any we just thought we were right in thinking it was too good to be true. Were they thinking of doing a pairing? Didn't matter, we did our own pairing and I ordered a Meantime Scotch Ale and Mike got a Dupont Avril.

The meal was delicious. The meatloaf was moist and came with a descendant mushroom demi-glace. Mashed potatoes were silky and well seasoned. The squash was a wonderful summery vegetable that had a yummy spicy sauce and added a good kick to both the meat and the potatoes. Only two minor logistical complaints. First, the four of us sat at a small table and had no room for platters. Luckily, our nice waitress suggested using the opened table behind us. Second, there was no serving spoons so we had to use our forks, which ended up working just fine but felt weird at first.

The meal also came with dessert. Something I don't normally order but was oh so yummy... a cinnamon bread pudding with caramel sauce and whip cream. It wasn't like a traditional bread pudding because each piece was crisp on the outside and pillowy on the inside. A fun and yummy interpretation! During dessert, a downpour turned into a gorgeous full rainbow on the Genesee and everyone (including our waitress) went outside to take it in. What a special rainy day to remember. We will be bringing family and friends back to Tap and Table!

You just read one of Upstate Crumbs' monthly New Restaurant posts. Each month, Mike and Heather will make it a point to eat at a restaurant they have never eaten at before and post about it. Want to follow us on the local journey? Check out our Foursquare List
By Heather on August 9, 2012 at 3:10pm EDT Topic(s): restaurants new restaurants tap and table rochester bar meat loaf bread pudding

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