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Cupcakes From Sugar Mountain

Cupcakes are special because they are a perfect "canvas" for people's personalities and moods. They can be anything from simple homemade treats to gourmet upscaled desserts. They are certainly all the rage right now with bakeries popping up everywhere with amazing flavor combinations. They are also special to us because we had cupcakes at our wedding and celebrate with them every anniversary. We had Wegmans cupcakes because they were delicious, cute, and affordable but our recent Sugar Mountain Bake Shoppe discovery definitely gave us another perspective.

We've had them a few times now and loved each unique one. Our friends brought over some for a movie night. I had "Chocolate Raspberry" that was filled with raspberry jelly and topped with chocolate buttercream. We ordered some little ones with a Groupon for family. Cute little "Very Vanilla and Chocolate" cupcakes were quickly devoured.

We also treated ourselves when we picked up our Groupon order with "Drunken Pattycake", a chocolate cake filled with chocolate irish cream and my personal favorite "PB & J", peanut butter cake with a jelly filling and pb frosting . Then we celebrated with them for my Mom's birthday and had "Roc City Crunch". Listen to this description from their website, "Milk chocolate peanut butter cake filled with a crushed pretzel caramel white cream, dipped in chocolate ganache, rolled in crushed peanuts, topped with a dollop of peanut butter caramel buttercream and a chocolate covered pretzel". Hard to describe but my Dad, who doesn't like sweet stuff, said it was the best cupcake he ever had! Oh and I can't forget our secret indulgence that we split before the birthday party, Cakes & Bacon, a "buttermilk honey cake filled with maple chiffon, topped with maple bacon buttercream and chocolate covered bacon". Only one word is needed... YUM!

The shop itself is small but cute, displaying the cupcakes on glass pedestals in a glass case. Like art, the frame is unimportant. The cupcakes are all so different and beautifully garnished. I can only imagine that the kitchen in the back is much bigger to accommodate all the steps necessary to put these things together. I also appreciate the packaging that securely holds them in place until you're ready to devour them. All of these details come at a price and I was a little shocked after the birthday order of 6. However, after my family's reaction it was surely worth it and we can't wait for the next opportunity to indulge!
By Heather on June 30, 2012 at 4:20pm EDT Topic(s): sugar mountain bake shoppe bakery cupcake shopping dessert

Emma Yum! Craving Cakes n Bacon after reading this. :)
6/30/2012 at 4:47pm EDT
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