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Avanti Pizza Delivery
Ever since we moved to the Rochester area from the Buffalo area, the hunt for great pizza and wings has been on. Maybe it's psychological or maybe the pizza just sucks around here, but the search has been a tough one. Growing up we always got some amazing pizza and wings from places like La Nova in Buffalo and Maria's Pizzeria (sadly closed) and Cafora's right near where we grew up.

It's fitting that we didn't find a comparable place in the Rochester area until we moved a bit back west to Brockport. After trying a couple local places and being somewhat unimpressed, my Mom mentioned that there was a great place in Medina called Avanti. Looking into it we were surprised to see that they had a second location on Main Street in Brockport. We ordered from there and have never looked back. After several orders we decided a post was needed!

The pizza has a lot of what we love. They offer two different types of sauce. We enjoy their house version which has a touch of sweetness to it. The crust has a good thickness to it, something that I think is important in a western New York pizza. The pepperoni is thick and small with great crisp edges. Whenever you order pizza and wings from any reputable place you can expect to get some bleu cheese on the side. Dipping some Avanti pizza into the bleu cheese between each bite is awesome!

That's a good thing too, because the wings we like to get from them don't need any! Those wings feature their Chipotle Citrus BBQ sauce. I know. I know. These aren't even classic Buffalo wings! It seems many places are scared to mess with the classic Buffalo wing style for fear of backlash. This can often lead to dry wings that feature little more than spice. La Nova in Buffalo wins awards for their wings but even there we prefer the BBQ style to the Buffalo. The Chipotle Citrus BBQ wings at Avanti have a wonderful balance of spice and sweetness. The sauce is thick, sticky, and wonderful. They really shouldn't be missed.

It makes me so happy to have discovered Avanti. We can place an order right on their website and it's at our door within the hour. It's a wonderful thing to do on a lazy evening.
By Mike on May 16, 2012 at 8:13pm EDT Topic(s): restaurants take-out pizza wings delivery

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