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Vacation - 21st Amendment Brewpub

So hopefully you read Mike's posts about Russian River Brewing and Magnolia. We had wonderful food adventures in San Francisco while working up an appetite at GDC. Our simple breakfast of granola bars and a lunch of peanut butter crackers made dinner each night oh so special. 21st Amendment Brewery & Restaurant was such a cool place and I hope you enjoy the other reviews to come from our San Francisco excursion.

After the conference, we trekked our way to the restaurant. Being a country girl, I'm very grateful for Mike's sense of direction and our iPhone GPS because I'm easily overwhelmed by city life. Just because I can't picture myself doing this daily doesn't mean it wasn't an extremely fun food pilgrimage though!

We were seated right away by the hostess but right in the middle of two other groups along a long wall/bench setup, even though there were booths open. Feeling cramped is not the best way to enjoy a meal especially since we had all this stuff we lugged from the conference. I think that next time we need to speak up and request what we want, especially when we need more room to photograph the food for a review.

We are familiar with Bitter American because of our Pittsburgh contact (yay for Kelly and her fancy beers we can't get in NY!) and were excited to try their other beers on tap. Mike got the Two Lane Blacktop which is a black IPA and I got the HQT (Ancient Egypt Ale). Both were delicious and I hope Kelly can get us some more cans to try, like the Hell or High Watermelon Wheat. Yes, they can their beers because as stated on their site "Cans keep beer fresher. And they?re better for the environment." A message I can support. Their labels also feature some unforgettable artwork.

We got an appetizer of Minnesota-Style Fried Cheese Curds that was served with marinara sauce. We love cheese curds because of their salty and chewy texture but these tasted like regular fried mozzarella only served as bite-sized. The description enticed us because they sounded special and they were good none-the-less (fried cheese is always yummy) but nothing to rave about.

For my entree I got a burger with avocado. I was not asked whether I wanted a salad or fries as I thought they were options on the menu but I was pleasantly surprised to get both. These fries were awesome, thick cut and not greasy at all. Burger was good but after all those fries I couldn't finish it. Mike got the signature El Cubano and did the same thing, filled up on fries and took the other half of his sandwich home.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable meal. When we visit the San Francisco area again this will be on our list to visit!
By Heather on March 26, 2012 at 6:43pm EDT Topic(s): beer restaurants vacation brewpub san francisco 21st amendment

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