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Mad Mex in Pittsburgh
One of our new traditions is to stop to see my sister and brother-in-law in Pittsburgh on our way down to Florida on our trips. They always take us out to a cool restaurant that has great beer. This time on our way through, we went to a place called Mad Mex.

As we were walking in, I asked my sister if this place had good beer. She responded with something along the lines of "it's alright." I took her at her word for a bit and started contemplating some margaritas. When we got in and our names in for a table, she went to the bar and ordered drinks for her, Heather, and me.

Before leaving for the restaurant we were discussing some of the newest beers from Dogfish. Heather and I were able to find a bottle of Ta Henket and we brought it down to Pittsburgh with us. My sister was able to secure a couple bottles of Nobel Rot. Of the three newest Dogfish beers, we were only missing Tweason'ale. Amazingly, that was one of the beers that Mad Mex had on tap. Yes, she was kind of lying when she said "it's alright."

Tweason'ale is weird. We drank it without really knowing anything about it and were quite confused. Heather pinpointed exactly why it was so strange. It tasted a lot like white wine, complete with the dry finish. Now that I sat down and actually read about the beer on the Internet I discovered why it tasted so strange. It's a gluten-free beer. That makes it the first gluten-free beer I've tried and I'm assuming its one of the best just based on Dogfish's reputation. It was good if a little strange. I'll probably try it again if I ever see four packs of it in the wild.

Mad Mex had a pretty big menu. I was honestly a little overwhelmed by it and preferred chatting and drinking so I deferred to my brother-in-law who suggested I get the Wing-o Tacos with San Francisco sauce. They were very good; boneless buffalo wings wrapped in a tortilla with traditional taco toppings and a nice blue cheese sauce on the side. I ate all three quickly. Good comforting, spicy food. It felt good after the long stint of driving.

Heather got some mushroom quesadillas, taking full advantage of the opportunity to eat some big ole shrooms without me complaining. She enjoyed them too. We were all a bit worn out after a long day but it was still awesome catching up. We can't wait to stop and see them again on our way back to Brockport.

By Mike on February 20, 2012 at 10:47am EST Topic(s): restaurants vacation dinner beer dogfish head pittsburgh mexican mad mex tacos quesadillas


lots of fun! what i really want to do is take you guys back to Piper's, though. Next time. and we should probably do Fat Head's at some point too... but we have to go on a tuesday afternoon or the equivalent, so it's not packed.

April 20th through the 28th *might* be a good time to visit ;)
2/28/2012 at 11:53pm EST
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