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Sly Fox and Pork For My Birthday
As you may have read, Heather made me an amazing birthday dinner. I absolutely loved it. What you may not know, is that it didn't actually happen on my birthday. It happened the day before. The reason? Tap and Mallet had a nice little event planned and we took advantage. I had two amazing birthday dinners.

It was a Sly Fox total tap takeover. This isn't the first total tap takeover that Tap has thrown on a Saturday, but it was the first one for us. My awesome sister (bringing some great Founders beer with her as a gift) made the trip up from Pittsburgh to go with us. Some of our closest friends also made it a point to meet us there. It was a great evening.

All of the total tap takeovers that Tap puts on feature a pig roast. It's served at 5pm. We arrived just after 4 and the place was hopping. I nervously asked a member of the staff for a table for 7. Amazingly, she had just the table ready for us. We were seated quickly and ordering beers while we waited for the rest of the crew to show up.

If you don't realize what a total tap takeover is, it means that every tap has a beer from a single brewery. In this case, it meant that all 20-odd taps (including casks) behind the bar were pouring Sly Fox beers. Neither Heather or I have had a lot of experience with Sly Fox, so it was exciting to pick some beers off the list and try away.

Heather's favorite of the evening was a Black Raspberry Reserve. She's been on a bit of a fruit beer kick as of late and it hit the spot. I sampled quite a few on the night. For obvious reasons, the ones that I tried later in the evening are a bit less memorable. My favorite was probably doing a cool mini-vertical tasting of the Odyssey Imperial IPA. They had both a 2010 and a 2011 keg on hand. I asked our awesome server for a sampling of both and she brought them out in nice wine glasses. It was cool to try and pick up the differences that aging brings.

The pig roast was served as a disassembled Cuban sandwich and it was amazing! Our waitress was awesome. She let us wait for the rest of the group to arrive, but made absolutely sure we didn't miss the pig roast before it sold out (and it sold out quickly!). Many of us at the table got one. Overall, it was one of my absolute favorite dishes I've ever gotten at Tap. The pork was awesome. Putting my own sandwich together was fun. I truly loved it and it was a great birthday meal. The only downside of the dish was the rice that was included. It was served with an ice cream scoop and it was seriously mushy. Overdone rice isn't going to get it done. Thankfully, it was easy to forget because the sandwich was so good and so much fun.

We'll definitely be making it a point to go to another total tap takeover. It was a great time. I hope my sister will come up next time too.
By Mike on February 8, 2012 at 6:15pm EST Topic(s): beer events tap and mallet pork sly fox restaurants

Emma This was so much fun! That raspberry beer was my favorite too. Definitely want to check out another tap takeover.
2/8/2012 at 8:23pm EST
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