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Second Trip - The Owl House
Back in November we went to The Owl House. We mentioned at the end of that post that we really wanted to bring my vegetarian sister back there over the holidays and we were able to do just that.

Heather and I arrived early and got the opportunity to sit at the bar and get a drink. There is something so pleasant about sitting at a quaint bar like that while being served wonderful beer. We came straight from work so it was a nice quiet way to wind down from the day before dinner. I was able to get a Stone Vertical Epic 11.11.11. We have a bottle of both 10.10.10 and 11.11.11 in our basement aging but haven't tried either. Getting a chance to understand exactly what we were aging was a treat. It's a Belgian strong ale with a fruity finish, one of my absolute favorite styles of beer.

We made reservations on OpenTable again and were shown to our table right when my family arrived. My little sister did opt to have the vegan menu brought to the table. We laughed when she ended up going to the regular menu for the item she wanted anyway. It was mentioned on the vegan list but only well described on the regular one.

She also pushed for an appetizer for the table, pointing out the cinnamon dusted sweet potato fries on the specials menu. I nonchalantly said "Sounds good to me," without reading the detailed description. They were amazing, covered in cheese and a beautifully unique strawberry Sriracha sauce. It was exactly as you'd expect it, sweet with a nice spice at the end.

I went to the specials menu for my entree too, getting a nice sirloin steak. My dad got the same, ordering his medium-rare to my medium. I enjoyed my steak a lot. It was definitely pinker than the average medium you'd get around here but I still really liked it. My dad's medium-rare steak was definitely a bit rare for his liking, but he still enjoyed it as well. Along with the steak came some flavorful mashed potatoes and brussels sprouts. It was a great meal and I polished the whole thing off. Like our last trip, the Owl House's portion sizes were spot on.

Heather got one of the current grilled cheese specials. It had a peach cranberry chutney on it and the thought intrigued her enough to order. She was a bit worried it was going to be too sweet, but it really wasn't. She broke me off a piece to try and I enjoyed it. With my steak in front of me though, I wasn't necessarily envious.

Other than a minor mix up with a beer order, this trip to the Owl House was just as successful as the last. We really enjoy that place and are already thinking about our next trip. Next time we hope to hit up their brunch offering.
By Mike on January 4, 2012 at 9:00pm EST Topic(s): second trip restaurants the owl house dinner steak grilled cheese sweet potato fries beer

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