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New Restaurant - 58 Main
For December's new restaurant, we wanted to make it a point to go to a truly local location for us. That meant picking one of the many restaurants in the Brockport area. We didn't decide on the actual spot until the last possible moment. Our mood had us gravitating toward 58 Main, a diner with flashy signage on Main Street just north of the canal.

The Buffalo Bills were playing an evening game on this particular Sunday and they weren't doing well. We walked into the restaurant not necessarily expecting a sports bar scene, but we were greeted with a room full of several football-sporting TVs with several viewers. This didn't bother me at all. As much as I told myself I didn't need to watch the Bills lose badly, it was still nice to look up and see how they were faring.

We ended up picking a booth that was kind of out of the way. We wanted to avoid making anyone uncomfortable or confused with our picture taking. The menu had a pretty standard diner/dive feel too it. There were a lot of choices, from burgers to pasta to smoked bar-b-que to sandwiches.

I hadn't expected to get a good beer when I walked in, but I couldn't help but go through their beer list anyway. To my surprise, next to all of the bland macrobrews was a bottle of Victory HopDevil. I ordered it with a slight fear that I was going to end up paying $7 or more for it. Thankfully, that fear was unfounded. When the check came at the end I was happy to see a simple $4 charge.

We started the meal out with an order of onion rings. Along with it came a mini-loaf of garlic bread that we hadn't expected. Both definitely gave the impression that they weren't made on the premises and both were heavy on the oil. I still scarfed the onion rings down though, much to the chagrin of my stomach. Sometimes I just can't get enough greasy food.

For my entree, I got their The 58 sandwich. I wanted to try and pick an item on their menu that was unique and would demonstrate some of the things they were trying to do there. It was described as one of their signature sandwiches and featured turkey, ham, bacon, mozzarella, and a zesty honey mustard. Heather chided me for my meal's lack of vegetation.

The first bite was strong. I enjoyed the assorted sub feel of the meat and the flavorful dressing. Like the onion rings and bread before though, it was quite oily and heavy. After making it through half of the sandwich, my stomach threw in the towel. Maybe next time I'll be smart enough to order something a bit healthier (probably not).

I was able to reheat the other half of the sandwich at work for lunch the next day. It heated up well and was a nice filling meal at the office. No complaints here.

Heather opted to order off the Italian section of their menu and went with the eggplant parm with a marinara sauce. When it arrived, the portion was shockingly huge. The plate was over a foot across, half of it filled to the brim with eggplant parm, the other half filled with penne pasta smothered in sauce.

She was pleasantly surprised to see that the pasta was al dente. At one point I snagged a noodle and dipped it in the sauce to try. It was good. We laughed because she didn't notice when I nabbed the pasta and instead thought I dipped one of my french fries in the sauce. She also enjoyed the eggplant parm with one exception, the mozzarella cheese on top was quite rubbery and hard to eat.

Overall, 58 Main is an interesting experience. Brockport is a college town, but the restaurant and bar definitely had more of a townie feel to them. The food and service were good but I don't necessarily think we'll be going back. There are too many other choices in Brockport that feature more interesting food and better beer lists.

You just read one of Upstate Crumbs' monthly New Restaurant posts. Each month, Mike and Heather will make it a point to eat at a restaurant they have never eaten at before and post about it. Want to follow us on the local journey? Check out our Foursquare List
By Mike on December 17, 2011 at 8:11pm EST Topic(s): restaurants new restaurants dinner 58 main eggplant parmesan sandwich onion rings

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