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Vacation Bucket List
We watch a lot of food related TV. We read a lot of food related websites. We talk to a lot of food related people. We come up with a lot of locations that we really want to visit.

As such, this post acts as one of our food bucket lists. This particular one has a specific focus on locations that are outside of upstate New York.

Recent Update: Added The Salt Lick!

Birreria at Eataly, New York, NY
An Italian themed brewpub on a rooftop in Manhattan. Italian food. Cask conditioned ales brewed on the premises. Created by Mario Batali and Sam Calagione among others. We must go.

Buffalo Bill's Brewery, Hayward, CA
Vacation - Buffalo Bill's Brewery

Craft, New York, NY, Los Angeles, CA, and Dallas, TX
Fine dining restaurant started by Tom Colicchio, Top Chef Head Judge. During the early seasons of Top Chef, the head judge tended to come off a bit arrogant and full of himself. As the show has matured, his love for what he does really started to shine. As such, we'd really like to eat at one of his great restaurants.

Dogfish Head Brewings and Eats, Rehoboth Beach, DE
The Dogfish Head Brewpub in Delaware looks amazing. We love many of their beers and got into their short lived reality show that featured the creative process behind it all.

Flip Burger Boutique, Atlanta, GA and Birmingham, AL
A gourmet burger joint from Top Chef star Richard Blais. The description really says it all. Fancy burgers made from many different proteins by one of our favorite chefs. Hopefully we'll find ourselves looking for a place to eat in Atlanta sometime soon.

Oskar Blues Grill & Brew, Lyons, CO
A brewpub located near Denver that distributes its beer nationally. We added it to our list because we love virtually all of their beers and they regularly have special brews on tap that we can't buy in New York.

The Salt Lick, Austin, TX
A barbecue joint near Austin that has appeared on many television shows. We added it to our list because of the Texas season of Top Chef. Besides hosting a challenge at the restaurant, the overall season inspired us to add some Texas barbecue to our list.

Tampa Bay Brewing Company, Tampa, FL
Vacation - Tampa Bay Brewing Company

Is there a place you think desperately belongs on this list? Let us know in the comments!

Image courtesy of SkeenaValleyGirl's Flickr stream.
This post was updated on November 8, 2012 at 12:27pm EST
By Mike on December 3, 2011 at 8:59pm EST Topic(s): bucket list

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