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We believe food is love. To be nourished is to be taken care of and one way we take care of each other is by sharing delicious food. Our taste buds have grown a lot over the years thanks to all our food quests.

We were both raised on good home cooking. Heather especially learned a lot from her Mother and Grandmother about cooking from the heart.

When we got our first apartment together, one of the most exciting things was cooking and sharing meals, making us feel so grown up. We were still in college at the time and didn't have a lot of money, so dollar boxes of pasta were consumed in vast quantities. One of our favorite food memories was making sausage-pepper-onion pasta with garlicky tomato sauce. We still make versions of it today, 10 years later, only now with perfectly al-dente whole wheat pasta and maybe some other ingredients like capers, fennel, eggplant, or... the list goes on. That's another thing that has evolved over the years, our love for vegetables, from the "lets try that" at Wegmans, to family gardens, to farmers markets, to CSAs, to growing our own! We eat so much healthier now, which I think is true of most relationships; start out with a Fry Daddy and end up only using Extra Virgin Olive Oil. There's nothing wrong with that! It's important that we just kept cooking! That's not to say we don't like decadence, but balance is important. That way when we get a crispy french fry or something buttery, we truly enjoy it.

Mike is Software Developer and Heather is an Art Teacher in Rochester, NY. We are both creative people and like to make beautiful things. We also recently bought a fixer upper in Brockport, NY that keeps us very busy.

Upstate New York is very important to us. There is so much deliciousness right here! The purpose of this blog is to just share our journey and also inspire yours with some ideas. We love buying local and putting our buck back into the community when we can. When we are on vacation, we won't be able to help sharing that too! We also love craft beer and giving our opinions on different restaurants when time/money permits. Anything artfully prepared is worth it! Hopefully the blog will read like destination advice or just yummy suggestions for meals. Just follow our crumbs!

Cheers to food adventures together!

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Mike's Twitter: @PaleZer0
Heather's Twitter: @GoghHappy
By Heather on July 24, 2011 at 9:33pm EDT Topic(s): about site news

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