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PAX East - Boston Food Adventures
The Gallows

After the first day of PAX, we were inspired but exhausted and starving. One of the NWR guys suggested The Gallows because he had searched for a place that served poutine. We were too tired to do any of our own research and tagged along.

The Gallows atmosphere was interesting with low lighting, lots of wood textured walls, and antique touches. I loved the old gears on the wall and the rusted chandelier, but thought the old mannequin pieces that were placed here and there (legs, torso) were trying too hard. The menu was a nice size, not overwhelming, with simple but upscale choices.

Everyone at the table ordered poutine as a appetizer. We got the Winter Poutine to share at our end of the table, made with mushroom gravy and lots of root vegetables like parsnips that went along with our soaked fries and cheese. YUM! We both got burgers as our main. They had interesting toppings. I got the BAJA with black beans, chipotle cream, avocado, and pickled onions. Mike's burger had pineapple on it. It was a good way to fill our bellies after our long day! They also had a small but good beer selection! Service was also excellent ? we were a big group and our waiter split up our check (and it was confusing!).

Sunset Grill & Tap

So we found out about this place from Twitter in two different ways: one tweet talking about a Short's total tap takeover and another tweet saying that Sam from Dogfish was going to be there. We decided we had to check it out since we were in Boston for an early Dinner. The Short's menu was so much fun! We can't get Short's in Western NY so that took priority. We got these adorable samples to share between us and got to try 8! Boody Mary, Joyous Almondo, Pineapple Upside Down, Carrot Cake, Uber-Goober, Soft Parade (berries), Wizard (barley wine with raisons), and Another Caucasian Gary (white russian). Most of these, for me anyway, tasted better when they got a bit less-cold and with our food because the flavors were just more clear. I think our favorites were Uber-Goober with a nutty flavor, Spicy Carrot Cake, and the chocolaty Joyous Almondo.

Our Dinners were also delicious. We ordered from the specials menu because the other menu was overwhelming. I got great Mahi Mahi Tacos and Mike got squash raviolis with mustardy sauce. We also got dessert, Short's Uber-Goober ice-cream, to share!

Cheers to our waiter as well. He answered lots of questions, was super friendly, and never made us feel strange for snapping all our pictures. We were so happy we made time for this place!
By Heather on March 26, 2011 at 8:11pm EDT Topic(s): vacation beer restaurants dessert

Mike I really really liked the Uber Goober peanut butter stout. That's going to be a beer I get some of our Michigan friends to hook us up with large quantities of.
3/28/2011 at 8:58am EDT
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