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Vacation - West Palm Beach 2
We were out exploring and looking for food again on our third day in West Palm Beach. The day started with a great trip to my Uncle's house for a visit. He lives in Boynton Beach, which is only about a half hour south of West Palm Beach. It was the first time we got to see his house. When he lived in Buffalo, we had many a good meal at his place for holidays. This impromptu breakfast brought back a lot of those memories.

We had what is known as Meg's Eggs in our family. It's basically a bacon and egg lasagna; made with bread between layers instead of noodles. The bread all but disappears as it cooks and it ends up as a fluffy and filling quiche-like dish. It's our traditional Christmas morning breakfast so it was kind of fun to have it down in sunny Florida. Along with it went some great blintzes (Some stuffed with a cherry filling; others with cheese) and fresh fruit.

We already had a lunch spot picked out for the day. My parents noticed a brewpub called Brewzzi at City Place (a shopping area/mall) in West Palm Beach. Is it weird that so many of our restaurant choices are centered around beer? The first thing we did was order a sampler of five of their beers. Strangely, all of them seemed a bit flat and stale. We couldn't really put our finger on it, but they just weren't fresh. We ended up enjoying their Dunkel and Belgian Dark the most, which makes sense as those beers aren't as carbonated and usually taste better a step closer to room temperature.

To eat, I got a big old plate of Rigatoni with Sunday Gravy. They weren't kidding on the gravy either. It was some of the meatiest pasta sauce I have ever had. Mixed into it was pork, ground beef, and sausage. On top of that was a big old meatball in the middle of the pasta. I enjoyed it but after my hefty breakfast, I could only make it through half the plate.

Heather had a Roasted Vegetable Flatbread. It looked good, but I think the vegetables were a bit too mushy for her.

While at breakfast, my uncle had mentioned a place he had heard of with a great beer list called Yard House. After lunch we did some research and discovered that they apparently regularly have 120 beers on tap. I immediately doubted that proclamation so we had to go and see if it was true.

We had already had so much food on the day that we decided to head over there later in the evening for drinks and a couple appetizers. The waiter gave us a cool corner booth and asked if we had ever been to Yard House. After we said "No," he boldly proclaimed that Yard House had the most beers on tap of any place in the world. He then offered this gem of wisdom, "If you are looking for a recommendation, Blue Moon is really popular." I almost laughed thinking he was kidding. He wasn't. We, of course, ignored the advice and braved the menu ourselves. I had two beers; Rogue Shakespeare Stout and Delirium Tremens. I was excited to try the Shakespeare as it routinely shows up near the top of "Best Stout Ever" lists. I think the hype worked against it though, as I thought it was a good beer, but not the amazing I-need-to-have-this-every-chance-I-get experience I was expecting. The Tremens on Draft was nice treat though. All Delirium beers hold a special place in my heart. Delirium Noel is the beer that made me go beer freak.

Heather's first beer was an interesting treat and I'm glad I got a chance to try it. It was a mix of Lindeman's Framboise and Young's Double Chocolate Stout. The stout tamed the fruity lambic just enough. I'm not sure I could drink a lot of it, but it was nice to try. We joked wondering if that fruity concoction could convert my die hard I-hate-all-beers mom. Heather's second beer was a Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar. We have both liked that beer ever since we got it in a float at the Rogue Ales Public House in San Francisco.

Food wise we just grabbed a couple appetizers. The first one was a nice big plate of nachos. They are always perfect for those sort of evenings and this one didn't disappoint. Afterwards we got a set of 4 beef sliders with a b?arnaise sauce. They were really good and even had some deep-fried onion pieces on them.

It was a busy day full of eating. We were quite full at the end of the evening. I'm glad we found some time to go on a nice nature walk too.
By Mike on March 6, 2011 at 5:29pm EST Topic(s): vacation beer restaurants lunch dinner

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