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Well, it appears that my name, "Above My Head," is taken in almost every possible online site. Twitter, gmail, blogspot, tumblr, wordpress, all taken. I started taking things like "whatsabovemyhead" and "above_my_head" but at what point do I give up and get a new name? And none of the people who have "abovemyhead" at the sites seem to be very serious. On twitter, it's a suspended account. At blogspot, it's a blog where there is one post which is 5 years old. The tumblr one has a post about every day of a quote, or a picture, and is the only one that is kept up.

But, honestly, where does this leave me? If I want to start a business, even if it's a small one, even if I sell, just 1 hat a month, do I want to deal with not having my "name" for any of these services? Will people confuse it? Will people go to and assume it's me? It depends on just how popular I get, I'm sure. If I have a family member buy a hat once a month, no-one will confuse it. But if people start to read my blog, and if people, by some miracle, buy something from me who don't know me personally, it really could be confusing.

Do I start over? Do I think of another name? Am I sick of the name anyway? I am somewhat sick of "Above My Head". It doesn't really flow, or sound professional. Looking at it bothers me because I know I can't have the gmail or the twitter. I mean, sure, it could annoy me just because of the amount of time I've spent with it, searching it, attempting to "sign up" with it and failing. Would I get sick of any name I choose? Probably.

I have to choose a new name. I have to be really happy with it. I have to own this magical name on at least a few of the major social media sites, or be happy enough with the name to not care. This name has to illustrate me and my brand (oh god) in one or two words, has to be professional, memorable, and funny. Yet, I can't get stuck at this point, pondering for years.

Name, name, name, name.... maybe I should call my craft business "Namey name name". Maybe not. It's definitely something to think about, though.

Everything I read says that the brand is the most important thing. The overall look and feel. The name, the logo, the product, the personality, the story. But as soon as I start thinking about it like that, it gets very cold. I have to get that "brand" in an organic way, or I will never feel like I actually own it. I have to think about who I am, what I am like, and what stuff interests me, and go from there. But those aren't all easy questions.

I like making things with my hands, being with friends and family, socializing, having fun and sharing stories. I am a tom boy at heart, and would much rather play Call Of Duty and drink a beer, then put on sparkle make-up and drink an appletini. I wear jeans and t-shirts. My hair is messy. Being funny, and being around funny people, is essential to my life. (Although, I usually fail at being funny, I try). My style is sort of deconstructed and messy, when it comes to what I create. I like bright colors, but usually in small doses with a larger black or white background.

So, can I take that paragraph and make a brand out of it? Make a brand out of my life? Is it even worthy of a "brand"? I have no clue, but it's a start.
By loosgroov on January 9, 2011 at 5:26pm EST Topic(s): blog business

Mike I would consider keeping abovemyhead as your blog and possibly coming up with a different name for your business.

You could get a site at a domain name that matches your business and just link to as the creators blog. The rest of the website could just be promotional stuff.

I dunno, just a thought
1/10/2011 at 8:39am EST

well, that was my plan, if i do end up naming the business something else. i dunno though. instead of getting stuck on the name/brand thing, i think i'm going to work on something else. like building up an inventory before i open the shop. and taking more pictures. because i just get frustrated when i think about the rest of it.
1/10/2011 at 12:10pm EST
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