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My Brute Can Beat Your Brute
We're only days away from E3 at this point and I'm sure many gamers out there are anxiously counting down the minutes to the big press conferences. Are you looking for something to do in the meantime? I for one have been enjoying one of the most ridiculous web fads around for the past couple of weeks thanks to a thread by BlackNMild2k1 in the NWR forums. It's a silly web game called My Brute

Now, before anyone goes running to the comments section to rant about how it's just a click whoring garbage site with no purpose, I know! Yet, I still find it oddly therapeutic. For those not in the know, it's a very basic fighting game. Game is actually a strong word. It's more like a fighting sim. The premise is simple. You create a character and then have him/her fight against other characters. The fights themselves are just little movies. There is absolutely no user input involved. The system decides who will win. Here's the catch though, after every fight your character will receive experience points. These experience points will lead to leveling up. When they level up, their stats increase and they may get a new weapon, ability, or pet.

Oh, so that's where the user interaction comes in! You can decide how your character levels up! Nope! Not at all. Even these new skills are totally random. It's hard to say why I still like such a passive experience so much. The competition, race for high levels, and anticipation for new abilities really keeps me coming back though.

At first glance, My Brute may appear to be nothing more than a competition to see which players have the most time on their hands. That's where the best feature comes in. Each Brute can only fight three fights per day. Because wins grant more experience points than losses, this is where the race for high levels comes in. This is also the primary reason I find it so therapeutic. At lunch time every day I can hop on and watch these little cartoon characters beat each other up for a few minutes. It's a great way to break up the day.

Anyway, NWR has a clan you can join that BnM runs. Make sure you post in the thread if you are trying to get in though. Otherwise he won't know to accept you.

One last thing. If you become a pupil of another character, you help that character level up faster. If you want to do BnM a solid, you should create your character under his using the link below.

Lil Boy Blu

However, if you want to help me get ahead, you could do so under one of mine. This is probably the better option.

Mr. Buckethat

Join in the fun! Wow, I can't believe I just said that much about a game that completely plays itself. I'm kind of embarassed I'm having so much fun with it.

Note: This entry was cross-posted over at NWR
By Mike on May 29, 2009 at 3:30pm EDT Topic(s): games my brute browser games

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