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Final Fantasy IV (DS) - Play It
It took a while, and I had a few breaks during the run through, but I recently finished up the 3D remake of the classic Final Fantasy IV on DS. Building off the engine used in the entertaining Final Fantasy III remake, IV adds even more cut scenes and voice acting which really brings the game to the next level.

Final Fantasy IV is the story of Cecil, a Dark Knight turned Paladin, on his quest to save the world. Shockingly different from every other Final Fantasy game is it not? I kid. People that think the classic heroes tales that weave through every Final Fantasy game are tired and immature will not find anything different in Four. That said, the twists and character development in this game rank it in the upper echelon of the series. The party make-up changes drastically throughout so party strategies are varied and never stale. One of the key relationships in the game is the one between Cecil and Kain. Kain is a Dragoon, sporting the classic armor recreated as the job's artifact armor in Final Fantasy XI. Paladin and Dragoon are probably my favorite Final Fantasy jobs of them all, so I was very happy to play through the game. In fact, starting Four was one of the primary things that convinced me to restart Eleven.

The vast majority of Four moves along at a steady pace that really holds your interest. However, I was a little bit put off by the monotony and open-ended aspects of the final segment. It's a Final Fantasy game, so I fully expected to have to grind my characters up to a higher level a bit, but I did not expect to be totally clueless on where to go to do it. I actually spent a good segment of time unlocking Bahamut (one of the extra summons that aren't required) when I thought I was going to fight the end boss. People often complain that Final Fantasy games are too linear. I actually prefer to always know what I should be doing, so this confusion was somewhat off putting.

The story telling, voice acting, and cut scenes are a marvel on the DS. Having an RPG that does that kind of heavy lifting on a portable platform is a rarity that shouldn't be overlooked. If you are looking for a great 40+ hour RPG on the DS, I think Final Fantasy IV should be at the top of your list.
By Mike on March 9, 2009 at 7:00pm EDT Topic(s): games final fantasy iv ds square enix play it?

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