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Christmas in the Country
Today I went to a huge craft show in Hamburg, It was called Christmas in the Country, and my plan was to write a whole review of it. What I thought was cool, what was totally underpriced and awesome, unknown folk artists about to make their break. Instead, an open letter.

To all Western New York Crafters:

1. Do not be afraid of photography. Someone could just as easily buy one of your pieces and copy it. Let people take pictures. Especially if the reason they are taking pictures is to put your business online at no cost to you. Seriously, you should be confident enough in your art that when someone takes a picture of it you can be fairly sure that copying it would be futile. Be confident! I could have certainly taken a picture of the beautiful pottery, yarn jewelry, basket furniture, gourd sculptures, and nails hammered in to wood art pieces, and NEVER dne as well as you people. Don't fear my photos. Many other people, as well as I, want to promote you. We want to see WNY craft build and expand and sell to new markets.

2. Get aquainted with the internet. If I ask you if you have a website, and your answer is "I can't mass market like that," you have missed the boat. Web 2.0 is not about mass marketing. It is the opposite. I'm nat asking you if you can give me 23 pieces of art in 4 days, when I ask you if you have a website. I am asking you if you have a place online to display the beautiful work you do. The website can tell people what shows you will be at. You can actually do commisions for people that live in cyberspace. You can creat a virtual gallery that will display and advertise your work to the world. Do not be afraid of a website. Use it for what you want. Display your stuff, sell your stuff. Love your stuff and others will too. This is not hard. I will do it for you. This was totally not meant as a commercial but if you seriously cannot figure how to get your art on the internet, email me at kelly (at) kellygenet (dot) com and I will gladly be your website goddess. Don't be afraid of what you can do in the wide world of cyberspace. It is just waiting for you.
By loosgroov on November 9, 2008 at 5:33pm EST Topic(s):

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