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Etsy Round Up Time
Here are my top 8 Etsy undiscovered stores of the day. None of these stores has had a sale yet, but you can still find the coolest things there.

perryartstudio I love these bags. Look at the little pocket inside! The money goes to help Malawi, Africa too. Man, I really need to buy one.

ZizzyfayWear Look at these Fairy dresses!!! Man, if I was just a little more bold and a little more thin, I would wear this everywhere.

anlukaa I'm not even sure what this is, but I want it! Cute and shiny and green with beads and eyes.

Rachelaakmama I think this is a very cool idea. You could put favors in the box, or gourmet chocolates for dessert.

LuckLoveAndHedgehogs Just an awesome crocheted cuttlefish. That's all.

ptitebaloue I'll stick with the stuffed animal theme, because this is one super cute penguin.

canvaspics These little paintings are totally cool, original and very reasonably priced. I hope she makes more of them! Also, I hope there are little tiny felted eggs in that nest.

rolandandbean These little guys are really trendy and cute. I can't believe there hasn't been a sale yet.

I would love to do a round up of "I can't believe you are seriously trying to sell that on Etsy" next week, but I'm afraid it might be too mean. But jeez, there was one shop with nothing but pencil drawings of boobs. Oh well. That's part of the charm of Etsy, I suppose.
By loosgroov on November 5, 2008 at 1:18pm EST Topic(s): etsy nablopomo

Starfish I love the cuttlefish (of course) and the fairy outfits are really cute too. I wonder where the fairy outfits seller is from, her photos are amazing!!

I'll throw out a couple of my favorite etsy stores: this guy takes dead preserved sea animals and sets them in resin. kinda gross but strangely intriguing at the same time this lady (a San Franciscan) makes molds of octopus tentacles from real octopus and then makes the most amazing jewelry from them. definitely on my "buy someday" list!
11/5/2008 at 3:14pm EST

none of these stores have had a sale yet? has had a sale yet? that sentence sounds awful.

those are both cool. i love the octopus jewelry.
11/6/2008 at 12:06am EST
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