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Tomorrow is the election.

And that's all I have to say about that. I think I offended one of my good friends pretty badly when I was talking about health care the other day. A bit of the old foot-in-the-mouth.

I see no-one answered my poll yesterday, so that means you will all be subject to whatever crap I want to write. OOh, @gamirk just sent a link on Twitter, I need to click on it.... The link was broken.

My TV is on right now, but the input is set to Xbox 360, and the xbox is not on, so all that appears is "No signal or weak signal." I'm wasting power right now. I should turn that off.

My mom sent me the picture you see through an email forward. That is some pretty great photoshop work. I laughed and laughed. I would credit the person who did it, but I don't know who that person is. Of course, they are probably very happy that their little photoshop project just got sent to thousands of peoples' inboxes by the Society for People Who Still Do Email Forwards. That's SPWSDEF for short.

If you just looked at the picture and the first line of this post, you would think I was about to write an in depth article on my own perceptions of the current political state, the impending election, and the mass hysteria involved. I am obviously not writing that article. But I do have one little opinionated sentence to say:

I am sick to death of the absolute snobbiness of all of the people who feel that they are suddenly political activists who know all there is to know about the "issues" and who fail to see the validity in anyone's opinion but their own, and who just can't believe that there could be someone out there who knows more than they do about this election, or about anything in general. Ok, so it was a run-on, but since when did this country's democratic process become about belittling people who think differently than you? And no, I'm not that naive. I'm not talking about negative ads or intentionally going after a certain demographic's votes through manipulating the issues, snappy slogans, or otherwise praying on the idea that the American voter is stupid. I'm talking about the general attitude of every "voter" on this damn internet. Advertising your vote on Twitter, or using Twitter for zingy one liners about how STUPID the other side must be. Liberals think Republicans are lower than dirt and vice versa and that disgusts me. Without one there wouldn't be the other. Wake up. If you preach understanding, compassion, and change, than live it. I implore you, for just one hour pretend you are in the other party. Pretend you live somewhere else. Pretend your best friends were different people. Don't mock me for my views no matter what they are, and I won't mock you for yours. Well, I won't mock you for your views anyway, it's up to you to not mock me for mine.

That was way more than one sentence. Ahem. I swore I wouldn't write anything about politics and I guess I did. Oops.
By loosgroov on November 3, 2008 at 6:33pm EST Topic(s):

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