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Samsung HLT 6187 and the Blue Halo
Back in September I plunked down the money for a brand new TV. After much research, I went with the 61 inch LED engine Samsung (Model HLT 6187). I'm not going to get into why I picked it here, but it was mostly dollars per inch and the promise of not having to replace bulbs that sold me.

Anyway, as soon as the TV arrived, I fired it up. Everything looked great. I got more and more excited. The next thing I did was fire up my PS3 to see just how nice that would look. I turned on LocoRoco Cocoreccho first, as I thought the bright colors would be interesting to check out. It became immediately apparent that two bluish blobs were in the middle of the screen.

These blobs only showed up when the screen was mostly white while the center of the screen remained black. I immediately called up Amazon and got a replacement sent out to me. About a week later, the replacement arrived and, much to my chagrin, the blue blobs were there again!

This time I went online and found a thread over at It seems a lot of other people were having a similar problem. This time I went directly to Samsung, as I wanted my TV fixed, not another broken one to be sent to me.

To make a long story short, on the third trip out to my house by the technician, the problem was solved. It turns out that it was so insanely simple that it isn't too out there to think that it could be done by anyone. The part that got replaced is in the picture in this post. It's a simple ring that fits underneath the first glass lens in the lens assembly. The part that replaced it was the same ring, only one side was painted black.

That's it, apparently the mirror like finish on the ring was causing distortion.

If you have the problem too, and are daring enough to try to fix it yourself, simply remove the lower back cover of the TV. Take out the screws needed and unplug the one monitor cable to slide the main engine of the TV out. Don't mess with anything you aren't supposed to, or risk screwing up the tilt in your television. Look at the main glass lens and remove the top piece of glass. Underneath you should see a ring just like the one in the picture. Take that ring off and paint one side of it black. Let the paint dry then place the ring back in and reassemble.

Just make sure you don't let any dust get where it doesn't belong, and you should be good to go.
By Mike on November 20, 2007 at 2:12pm EST Topic(s): televisions samsung dlp

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