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November First and Losing Posts
Last night, I wrote this wonderful, in depth post about the show Ghost Hunters, and shows like it. Well, maybe it wasn't wonderful, or in depth, but I wrote it. It was long. It had links. People would have liked it. Then my spectacular computer started shutting down all of my programs and rebooted for a Vista update. No warning. No shut down now or later. Nothing. They all just started disappearing. Along with my wonderful Ghost Hunters post for the first day of NaBloPoMo. Well, I've got a good paragraph now. I can't believe the computer's not freezing up or anything. So, for future reference, I will always be writing my posts in a word processor and saving them and then copy pasting them here. Except for this one because I'm in a hurry. But other than that, ALWAYS. If I keep losing posts it will frustrate me and I will give up NaBlo just like last year.

So, I still have 3 minutes to write before I have to go to work. I can't think of anything really worthy of reading, but I will say this. If you work with people, think about the way others see you. Please, for you coworkers and all of the people around you, and for you actually, don't just constantly complain about everything. Take on jobs, complain about completing them. Have a new coworker? Complain about them before you even meet them. Work with people who are younger? Well then they must be lazy and stupid. Spot on the floor? No-one mopped, how dare they. You can see in just a few sentences how this will make a person go crazy in just under 20 minutes, let alone 8 hours. For the love of all that is holy in the workplace, PLEASE stop complaining. It will make everyone 78% happier. I guarantee it. I will stop complaining too, even minor little bitty complaints! I will even stop complaining about YOUR complaining, I promise. For the sanity of all of our coworkers.

PS I will be holding a beginners Yoga and Meditation class every night I'm on duty, at 8pm, if anyone would like to attend.

PPS No-one I work with even reads this. Darn it.

PPPS Do you think they will Dooce me?
By loosgroov on November 1, 2008 at 2:24pm EDT Topic(s): nablopomo


Complainers wear me down too sometimes but yoga is great!

I want to do yoga with loosgroov! Do you get fittv Namaste?
11/4/2008 at 8:26am EST

we do get fittv on demand and i do that yoga or i have a simple 5 minute yoga dvd. I just want to do something at work to make people realize it's not all about gossip and being angry, etc. they would probably just laugh at me anyway :) but laughing's not complaining!
11/4/2008 at 11:49am EST

I think it is a great idea!
11/4/2008 at 12:51pm EST
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