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WiiWare Episodic Adventure Games and Funny Web Cartoons
As I sit down to write this post, I can't help but feel like a poser of sorts. I've always been aware of Homestar Runner, but I've been far from an avid follower. I've also always been aware of the Strong Bad Email section of the site, and while I've always thought it's the funniest part, I've been far from an avid follower of that as well. Some of my favorite memories of early PC gaming were had playing through great adventure games like Monkey Island, but until lately I haven't really followed that genre either. All of that said, I'm very excited about the recent Telltale Games announcement.

So, Telltale make an extremely popular point and click adventure game called Sam and Max that I've never played. It is one of the most successful games released that fully represents the digital distribution of episodic content business model. The reason I haven't played it is because I don't really want to play it on a PC. I've been holding out for a console release of some sort. A while ago, there were all sorts of rumors that it was going to come to Wii, and many people assumed it would be downloadable on WiiWare. Then Telltale came out and said that they did have a game coming to WiiWare, but it wasn't Sam and Max and they would reveal what it was later. This made me begin to doubt whether Sam and Max would come at all. The next announcement, which came last week, revealed that the entire first season of Sam and Max WAS coming to Wii, but on a retail disc this fall. Finally, this week we found out what their WiiWare title is, and it came out of nowhere.

Telltale has teamed up with the guys who write Homestar Runner to create an episodic point and click adventure game starring Strong Bad, titled Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People. Two trailers for the title have been released, One by the crew at Telltale (click on the Gameplay Trailer link on the right), and one by the crew at Homestar Runner. Both of them are very funny and definitely worth checking out. Wii players will probably find the most humor in the safety bit found at the end of the Telltale ones.

So, the Wii is getting a ton of adventure game love from Telltale Games and players should all be excited. Here's hoping Penny Arcade Adventures will hit WiiWare as well, making it an absolute haven for adventure game fans during the second half of this year.
By Mike on April 11, 2008 at 2:20pm EDT Topic(s): homestar runner telltale games sam and max games wii strong bad's cool game for attractive people

Starfish 5 attractive action-sodes huh? hahaha I like how its called "Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People" and the way Homestar was "Wiiiiiiiiii Waaareee" super cute :P

Characters are a bit strange in 3D. For the most part they're successful but strange things like the cell shading and particularly Homestars mouth are a bit off.

Funny stuff.
4/13/2008 at 10:23pm EDT
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