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The Devil Can't Win!
A video game's effect on kids is a hot topic in this day and age, as everyone is probably aware. My adamant stance on the subject is that the ESRB usually does a great job of rating games. Parents should be educated on how to look for the ratings info and make use of the parental controls built in to all current consoles.

The latest odd ramblings on the subject come from one Charlie Daniels, of the Charlie Daniels Band. He isn't complaining about random killing in Grand Theft Auto IV or sexual predators in Second Life. He's pissed off at Guitar Hero. In a move that subconsciously points at the similarity between the way video games are viewed now and rock music was viewed 20-30 years ago, Mr. Daniels is not happy with the imagery presented in the game.

"Actually the game really has a dark side complete with grotesque monsters on stage with the band, strange, eerie lighting effects and all manner of weird things popping up on the stage."

The stage setting isn't the thing that really burns him up though. The ending of the game pits the player against the devil in a guitar playing showdown, backed by a cover of the Charlie Daniels Band hit, "The Devil Went Down to Georgia". According to him, the developers took a song that "is supposed to be a lighthearted novelty about a fiddling contest between a country boy and the devil and the devil always loses," and made it so that sometimes the devil could win, which apparently isn't "the healthiest thing in the world for young, impressionable minds to be exposed to". God forbid game designers make a game in which it is possible to lose.

He would never permit such a thing, but luckily for Guitar Hero III players, he doesn't control the song anymore. I guarantee at least a few players of the game went out and picked up one of his albums, or bought the song on iTunes. He should be happy. His southern rock about tying criminals to a stump in a swamp until they die is apparently a good way of dealing with problems, but letting kids pretend to be rock stars will ruin the world.

Read his ranting for yourself at his site.

Here's a YouTube vid of the gameplay in question.
By Mike on April 9, 2008 at 10:30am EDT Topic(s): games guitar hero 3 controversy charlie daniels

Starfish he's scared of "eerie lighting effects"?? hope he doesn't go to Disney World, I'd hate to see him coming off of Haunted Mansion :P

sounds like a panty waist to me... whatever that is.
4/9/2008 at 9:44pm EDT
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