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On C-Sticking and the Cheapness Therein
As many of you know, I landed a review copy of Brawl a little bit early. After playing it for the first two days, Windy (The director of NWR) and I kind of fell into an argument about whether or not using the C-Stick of the GameCube controller (or right analog of the Classic controller) was a cheap maneuver.

Since iChat conveniently saved our chat log, Windy decided to publish it. I think it's a pretty entertaining read. Keep in mind that I do totally believe in what I was arguing for, but for the sake of entertainment, I was tending towards the dramatic.

Blah Blah Blah: C-Stick Smashes in Smash Bros.: 'Cheap' or Not?
By Mike on March 15, 2008 at 4:52pm EDT Topic(s): games super smash bros. brawl controls

thehipphan You know by allowing him to put the quotes around the word cheap in the title it is subtly hinting that the word cheap does not really apply to C-sticking. I would make him change that.

I didn't read the whole article (it is freaking long) but you know how I feel about the C-stick. Also, I didn't know you could turn off the up jumping... that is a good tip!

We need to play online sometime soon.
3/17/2008 at 12:36pm EDT
Mike Yeah, he worded the whole thing against me... =P I think it's kind of funny.

Online play has been basically useless in my attempts so far, it lags so much. We should try sometime this week though.
3/17/2008 at 1:27pm EDT
thehipphan So the first time I tried to play online I had some issues b/c my router is so crummy. My buddy has a real nice router (like ~$100) right next to the Wii and he said it was real smooth. I think I might have to get the USB jack to try and avoid the crappy router.

I will be at his house tonight so if you want we can give it a shot.

Although, I seem to remember you complaining about lags in other games when I didn't even think they were there. You have a much more acute sense of lag.
3/17/2008 at 2:52pm EDT
thehipphan why is it so difficult just to put up a freaking avatar???
3/17/2008 at 3:00pm EDT
Mike It's not that difficult, I just didn't want people uploading avatars to my server... Email it to me and I'll put it up for you if you want.

As for playing tonight, I'm not sure what's going on. I committed to doing an NWR podcast last week, not realizing today was St. Patrick's day, so now I'm wishing I was celebrating that instead. Hrmm.
3/17/2008 at 3:13pm EDT

we got the plug-in network adapter and it works perfectly. we can even stay on the web browser longer without a problem. and i only saw lag playing brawl online at the very beginning of the match. hipphan, what's you friend number?
3/22/2008 at 1:25am EDT
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